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Guangxi Unicom base station fully deploys Tiandun lightning protection products


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located in the southern part of the motherland, between 104°26'-112°04' east longitude and 20°54'-26°24' north latitude. According to historical statistics, the annual thunderstorm day in Guangxi is between 60-102. On average, there are thunderstorm days on 86th of each year, which is one of the three major minefields in the country:

Yulin 102.6, Qinzhou 103, Zhangzhou 93.5, Guilin 90, Nanning 84.6, Beihai 83.1, Baise 76.8, Liuzhou 67.3, Hechi 64


Less minefields are areas where the average annual number of thunderstorm days does not exceed 25 days;

Zhonglei District is an area with an average annual thunderstorm day within 25-40 days;

The Dulei area is an area with an average annual thunderstorm day within 40-90 days;

The strong minefield is an area with an average annual thunderstorm day of more than 90 days.


      China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a branch of New Unicom in Guangxi, which is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of the communication network in Guangxi. Guangxi's telecom industry is closely linked to social and economic development. After a series of communication infrastructure construction projects for the prosperity of the people and the rich, the urban and rural integrated communication network pattern with relatively complete and multiple communication means has been formed.

Guangxi Unicom's main business scope:

Telecommunications basic business;

To undertake system integration, technology development, technical services, information consultation, software development, and information technology development related to communication and information services;

To undertake the tasks of universal telecommunications services, special communication for party and government, and emergency communications;

Committed to providing government, corporate and group customers with mobile, fixed telephone networking, Internet private line, VPDN, long-distance private line, ATM and frame relay, video conference call, sales assistant, vehicle positioning, industry information solution The full-service overall solution.


       Organized by Guangxi Unicom, Tiandun conducted field visits to some base stations of Guangxi Unicom. The base station lightning protection generally has the following problems:

1. Ground network status:

Years of disrepair, the ground resistance can not meet the requirements;

Some base stations do not have a grounding network, and the indoor busbars have no external leads;

The ground network is introduced into the equipment room at a single point;

The outdoor ground lead is stolen;

The outdoor ground bus was stolen.


2. The equipotential condition of the equipment room:

No grading ring is installed;

The grounding lead does not meet the requirements;

Some devices do not have a ground lead;

The indoor ground bus is stolen.


3. The power supply SPD status of the equipment room:

The C-level lightning protection module is installed in the power distribution box of the equipment room, and most of them are damaged.

Some base stations do not have distribution boxes and do not have Class B protection;

The grounding lead of the distribution box is too thin and does not meet the requirements of the specification;

Most of the power class C-level lightning protection modules are damaged;

The power cabinet does not have a D-class DC lightning protection module.

      After extensive analysis of the above problems by Guangxi Unicom, Tiandun lightning protection products fully meet the requirements of customers, and can achieve the protective effect on the base station communication equipment. After the implementation of the project, the safety of Guangxi Unicom base station communication equipment is guaranteed. The communication system is guaranteed to operate normally and the security problems of the base station are solved.

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