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Tiandun helps Hainan rural party members and cadres distance education network system


Since 2007, Hainan Province will realize the “on-demand, interactive, live broadcast” education for rural party members and peasants in different spaces at the same time. As of 2009, a modern distance education network system for party members and cadres covering grassroots party organizations in rural townships, established villages, state-owned farms and forest farms has been basically established. The network system includes a provincial teaching platform, 6418 terminal receiving stations, a group of teaching resources suitable for rural party members and cadres and the masses' learning needs, a teaching management backbone team and a complete working mechanism.

      According to the deployment, the construction will be implemented in three steps: First, the provincial resource library and teaching platform will be initially established in the first quarter of 2008, and 1000 grassroots terminal receiving stations will be built; second, 3,500 grassroots terminals will be built before the end of 2008. The site has a cumulative coverage rate of over 70%. Third, by the end of 2009, the construction of various subsystems of the provincial teaching platform will be completed, and the national central resource library, satellite transmission channel, auxiliary teaching website, and inter-provincial and inter-network stations will be realized. Interconnection and resource sharing will realize the full coverage of modern distance education for rural party members and cadres in the province.

      Carrying out modern distance education for party members and cadres in rural areas is a major measure to promote the new great project of party building after the construction of rural village-level places. It is the party Central Committee's focus on strengthening rural party building and consolidating the party's ruling foundation in rural areas. Focus on the important deployment of building a new socialist countryside, building a socialist harmonious society, and accelerating socialist modernization.

      Hainan is the second largest island in China's South China Sea. It belongs to the strong mine area. To ensure the smooth communication between the provincial resource library and the education platform and the subsystems of the subsystems and the base stations, the entire system operates safely. The system deploys Tiandun lightning protection. The products are mainly used to protect the power supply, feeder and network cable of satellite and network communication systems. The main products are Tiandun M40B2 single-phase power supply lightning protection device, D05J4 network signal lightning protection device, R25N70F antenna feed lightning protection device. Through its two-year operation, Tiandun lightning protection products have withstood two thunderstorm seasons, which have protected the safe operation of the system and won wide acclaim from users.

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