Perimeter Alarming

Tiandun and Tongliao of Inner Mongolia create a "safe Tongliao"


Inner Mongolia Tongliao City Ping'an City Digital Surveillance System Project was launched on July 1, 2008. Through its one-year construction, it was completed at the end of 2009. Tiandun became the lightning protection product supplier of the project with its solid strength.

      The Ping'an City Digital Surveillance System Project shall establish a primary and secondary alarm monitoring center in the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the various county and county urban bureaus, and install the Tongliao City Electronic Map (CIS). When an alarm occurs, the system will automatically prompt the geography of the alarm point. position. Established three levels of alarm monitoring centers in 21 police stations, installed 1000 high-definition cameras and 50 high-point cameras in easy-to-file, intensive personnel, public complex places, and key departments. 40% of 1000 cameras are equipped with alarm buttons; 26 security card bays were built, and two lines of defense were built. 13 security gates were built as the first line of defense in the Kerqin area. 13 national security roads in the Tongliao area and the provincial road were built as the second line of defense. These are the main lines. It is used to automatically record all kinds of information of urban vehicles. It is found that illegal vehicles will automatically alarm and the project is expected to be put into use at the end of the year.

      As one of the leading manufacturers of lightning protection industry in China, Tiandun still selected Tiandun M10-220/D12BM/D12Y2 monitoring special three-in-one lightning protection device to provide power, video, pan/tilt control, etc. for 1000 new cameras in Tongliao. Line protection, through two years of operation, the monitoring system is stable and has been widely recognized by users.

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