Tiandun is looking for regional distributors and municipal agents

In order to let more enterprises and individuals enjoy the achievements and products of Tiandun R&D, our company is looking for dealers and municipal agents for the benefit of mutual benefit and common development.

Broad market prospects, strong brand advantage and technical support, best service and quality, and the most favorable policies will bring you rich and stable returns! Here are six reasons to join SkyShield:

1. Broad market prospects:

      With the rapid development of China's economy, infrastructure construction is constantly emerging in China. Computer equipment room construction, security systems, communication base stations, power distribution and other industries are increasingly demanding equipment safety. Inductive lightning strikes are one of the biggest threats. People are increasingly aware of the importance of inductive lightning protection, which makes lightning protection products have broad market prospects.

2, brand advantage:

      Tiandun has a high reputation in the lightning protection industry. It participates in various industry exhibitions every year, conducts brand promotion in professional media, and passes the conformity of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2009. In 2011, it was awarded the title of “Star of the Future of Communication Industry” and is the only lightning protection manufacturer in China that has won this honorary title.

 3. Technical advantages:

      The company has gathered a group of high-quality R & D personnel with rich knowledge and practical experience in lightning protection theory. A number of technicians have been responsible for technical work in well-known lightning protection enterprises in China, and the chief technical officer and technical vice president have been engaged in lightning protection research for more than ten years. The company always pays attention to market demand, independently researches and develops a variety of patented products, and has become the earliest lightning protection enterprise in the photovoltaic industry. I believe that under the backing of strong technical support, Tiandun's product types will be more and more abundant.

4. Quality advantage:

      Based on the principle of “Quality First, Customer Respect”, the company always puts the quality of products in the first place and fully implements the ISO9001 quality management system. All products are strictly in accordance with the relevant standards of international and domestic lightning protection technology, and have the test report issued by the national inspection department. The production process is strictly controlled. The finished product has undergone multiple inspections. Each set of products is accompanied by an organic body code number. With reliable traceability, it is truly authentic.

5. Service advantages:

     ★Complete after-sales service system, all products enjoy 2 years of replacement for 5 years of free warranty after-sales service, all products have handled Pacific liability insurance, truly let customers have no worries.

     ★ Free technical support throughout the entire sales process. From configuration solutions to guided installation, a one-stop service is implemented.

     ★ Unified promotion, with promotion. Each year, the company will launch a website, exhibition promotion, network promotion, customer information exchange, etc. according to market conditions to help partners expand their influence.


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     Let us join hands and work together to create a brilliant future!

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