Customer Service

Return exchange


1. One of the following conditions may be refunded:

1. The product has its own quality problems;

2. Products that have been damaged in transit;

3. When used during the warranty period, there are non-human damage such as module aging and lightning strikes;

4. If the customer has the wrong model and has not used it within one month, the corresponding shipping fee will be charged.

2. In the following circumstances, the company will not return:

1. The product has passed the warranty period;

2, caused by human damage (such as: improper installation and use, self-disassembly or modification, etc.), unauthorised disassembly without the consent of our company.

3. Lightning protection products not produced by the company;

4. Damage caused by force majeure;

5. Although it has not been used yet, the product packaging is incomplete and the accessories are not uniform.

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