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Tiandun is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and service of lightning protection products. It always adheres to the principle of “quality first, customer first”, complete service system and technical support throughout the whole process of sales. From configuration solutions to guided installation, a one-stop service is implemented. All products enjoy 2 years of replacement for 5 years of free warranty after-sales service, all products have handled Pacific liability insurance, truly let customers have no worries.


1. After-sales service commitment

In order to fully meet your needs, we will work together to build a lightning protection business in China and fully demonstrate the superiority of our products and services. We are now making the following service commitments:

1. The main components used in the lightning protection products and lightning protection projects distributed by Tiandun are new equipments, which meet the quality and technical standards proposed by the state in all aspects.

2. The lightning protection products distributed by the company are insured by China Pacific Property Insurance Company (insurance number: ASZH09907107Q000003E). Compensation for accidents caused by product liability will be compensated in accordance with the China Insurance Regulations.

3. All transportation losses caused by the product before the contract reaches the transportation location are the responsibility of our company;

4. Anyone who purchases the company's products within one week, if it needs to replace other products, in the case of appearance, packaging and performance, it can be replaced, and the difference is supplemented.

5. The lightning protection products distributed by our company provide five-year warranty service, which can be replaced free of charge (excluding man-made damage) within three years from the date of purchase. Only recover the cost of spare parts, and exempt labor costs such as maintenance and technical support services.

6. During the maintenance period, if the lightning protection system fails, the technicians of our company will arrive at the scene within 24 hours after receiving the notice to assist in troubleshooting. If the situation cannot be rushed to the scene due to special circumstances, our company will explain the reason with the customer. And negotiate a specific solution.

7. During the maintenance period, our company will regularly provide free on-site inspections at the request of the customer before the annual thunderstorm season, to ensure that the lightning protection system is in normal working condition.

8. The company provides technical consulting services to customers for a long time free of charge, and is responsible for imparting daily maintenance knowledge and testing technical measures for lightning protection systems.

9. Shenzhen Tiandun Lightning Technology Co., Ltd. has the final right to interpret the above relevant terms. If there is any objection, please negotiate with our company.

Second, the service process


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